Business Excellence Solutions
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ExcelSol focusses on the clients' needs and satisfaction. The approach we adopt is highly clent centric that we deliver what exactly the clients want.
Vision Statement

Be the consultant of choice with meaningful deliveries.
Mission Statement

Deliver solutions in the business context and use the frameworks to work for the business.
We belive in collaboration and incorporation. We work with other consulting organisations and consultants collaboratively so as to bring in value addition and also to provide the support from our experience and expertise.
4D Methodology
ExcelSol adapts ‘4D methodology’ in consulting practices. This helps both the parties in effectively rolling out the processes and reaps the maximum benefits out of implementation of a system.

•  Measure effectiveness
•  Sustain

•  Analysis
•  Process Mapping (Existing)
•  Performance Measurement
Define the need

•  Identify the framework
•  Fix the business context
•  Identify the gaps

•  Define new processes
•  Trial roll out
•  Modify
•  Train
Training is another core activity ExcelSol passionately takes up. With the methodology - Compulsorily Active Participatory lEarning (CAPE) - we make sure that the participants take away the maximum on leaving the learning room.

Learn through Fun !!