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Refund Policy

ExcelSol sometimes collects a booking confirmation amount from the delegates attending the course.
Some candidates / corporates prefer to pay in full in advance. In either of the cases, the refund of the paid
amount is effected -
If ExcelSol cancels the event due to unexpected reasons - internal or external to ExcelSol
If the delegate cancels before 7 days of the commencement of the session
If the delegate does not like the session and decides to discontinue attending the session and let the instructor
and the coordinator know about the same
If the delegate has paid excess amount
If the delegate has paid more than once

No refund will be allowed -
If the delegate has attended the session for more than two hours and wanting to discontinue
If the delegate is not showing up for the session
If the candidate has confirmed the exam fee is prepaid by ExcelSol
If the delegate is cancellig the attendance in less than 7 days of the commencement of the session
If the delegate's interests are not legitimate and/or delegate indulging in any malpractices

The eligible refund will be effected within 15 days of the request. For requesting the refund the delegate can use the
contact form or the telephone number provided.

Excelsol will have the right to modify the policy any time.